Paleo Diet Supplements:What If Any Do I Need To Be Taking To Stay Healthy

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Paleo diet supplements

Individuals who are on Paleo diet do not require over the counter vitamin or other dietary supplementation. Moreover, most dietary supplements are inefficient and less efficacious in delivering the same nutritional value that can be achieved from the diet due to poor absorption and in some cases due to gut sensitivity as a result of compact packaging of the supplement.

In the current era, most of us are already aware of the low nutritional value and constituents of our daily diet. In order to supplement the essential nutrients, a lot of people consume vitamins and other nutritional supplements on a routine basis. However, the majority are not aware of the concept of recommended daily dosage and how dangerous it is to pop vitamin pills without any proper knowledge.

When do you require supplements while following Paleo diet?

Generally, if you are consuming a regular Paleo diet, you may not need any extra supplementation. However, if you are suffering from any of the health issues below, you may have to seek advice from your healthcare provider regarding nutritional supplements and dosage.

  • People on Paleo diet may need supplements to supply essential vitamins and minerals as it is not fully possible to consume a 100% organic diet (like it is hard to get grass-fed beef), which necessitates the need of some nutrients to fill in gaps.
  • If you are having a clinical condition or a digestive issue that increases the risk of mal-absorption of some nutrients from the intestines, you may have to rely on Paleo diet supplements.
  • If you are living in an area where sun-light is deficient or your exposure is limited to sun-light, you may need some supplementation for healthy bones and growth.

What are some Paleo diet supplements?

Some well-known and recommended Paleo diet supplements are:

Vitamin D:

Most excellent sources of Vitamin D are animal proteins and sun-light exposure. If you spend less than 30 minutes in out in the sun on a daily basis, you may need Vitamin D supplementation, only after discussing with your primary healthcare provider.

Omega- 3 fatty acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids are richly concentrated in fish and protect against the signs of aging, brain diseases and memory impairment. It is always safe to consume Omega- 3 fatty acid supplements with Paleo diet.

Whey protein isolate:

Since Paleo diet focuses less on the grains (that are also rich in whey protein and some other proteins), it is recommended to take whey protein supplements while on Paleo diet. Whey protein is required for maintaining healthy muscle mass and to maintain wear and tear processes in the muscles and joints that occur all the time.

You can also consume branched amino acid supplements that serve the same purpose in growing children and adults.


Probiotics are naturally produced within the body and can also be consumed from milk products especially yogurt. However, since Paleo diet is free from all types of dairy products, you may need probiotics Paleo diet supplements to ensure healthy functioning of your digestive system.

Paleo diet supplements tend to furnish the nutritional requirements that serve to improve overall health and to increase survival just like our caveman ancestors.

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