Paleo Diet? But We’re Not Cavemen Anymore

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So, what is this Paleo diet I’ve been hearing about? The Paleo diet also known as the “Caveman” diet is basically, people who eat according to what our ancestors have always eaten. Unproccessed foods. Meat, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables. No starches, processed sugars, grains or boxed meals. Basically, if you can hunt it (or pick it) it’s most likely Paleo.

While it may take a little bit of adjustment to start eating Paleo, for most it shouldn’t be too dificult. The hardest part will be re-learning how to grocery shop. Most of us are already eating the basic staples of the Paleo diet, we are just eating it differently. For starters, instead of the cereal or oatmeal, you would opt for strawberries and eggs. Instead of packaged lasagna for dinner, you would eat fish and greens.

Will Following The Paleo Diet Mean I Can’t Eat Certain Things?

Sure, there will be things you will need to cut out of your current diet and you might even miss them. For a little while. But once you see and feel the difference in your body from eating a more physiologically natural diet, you will never look back. As I have already said: Most of us already eat paleo foods. So it’s mostly going to be cutting out what isn’t paleo and rethinking the way you buy what is paleo.

Grocery Shopping On A Paleo Diet

Meats/Fish: Instead of buying a box of breaded fish sticks and prepackadged ground beef, look into your local options. A butcher or local farm for your pork, chicken and beef. A seafood house for your fish. Prices *may* be slightly higher (we’re talking a difference of a few cents a pound in most places) but I have found them to be about the same and sometimes cheaper. Not to mention better for you local economy.

Fruits and vegetables: Instead of frozen broccoli and canned carrots, again, look local. Most places have u-pick farms or other produce stands and shops just as close to them as the big box stores. One of the essential keys to a successful paleo diet is to get it as fresh from the plant as possible.

When you are thinking of the cost consider this: From time to time, you will find things you need to be a bit more expensive. But, that is okay. Not only are you feeding yourself and your family much healthier foods, you are feeding into your local economy too!
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What is the Paleo Diet

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