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Paleo Lifestyle Blueprint is your blueprint to living a healthy lifestyle following the Paleo Diet. Paleo Lifestyle Blueprint is a diet membership website which will provide simple weekly meal plans, shopping lists as well as offering helpful tips and tricks to eating and living the Paleo Lifestyle.

What is the Paleo Diet

As with most things in life, success means planning and once you've decided to follow a paleo diet you'll quickly realize that without a paleo meal plan you'll most certainly run into trouble. If  you … [Click Here...]

About BD Kenny

So you wanna know a little about me do ya? Well...

I am a father of four awesome kids ( three boys and one girl) as well as a husband to one wife...lol, and just a regular guy who simply had had enough of living a life with pain!

Yes that right folks, pain is what prompted me to try out this Paleo lifestyle not weight loss...but the loss of weight was a definite bonus!

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