Paleo diet: The advantages and disadvantages

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Paleo diet: The advantages and disadvantages

Paleo diet that has been followed by our ancestors for years was indeed the healthiest form of nutrition than what we can ever consume. This is because the paleo diet is in accordance with our natural body chemistry and genetics, to serve several different functions to maintain strength, health and fitness of the body.

Advantages of paleo diet:

In the current era, every day we are battling with a new disease and infection that can be attributed partly to the defective food we are consuming and partly due to weak immune system and defective defense mechanisms of the body. Diet has a strong influence in strengthening immunity of the body and by following a Paleolithic diet, you can have following advantages:

  • Obesity and obesity related health issues:

Obesity which is perhaps the root cause of a number of health issues like heart disease, hypertension and Diabetes. According to a latest survey, the top 3 causes of death in adults are cardiovascular issues, stroke and cancer that can be prevented largely by controlling weight and quality of nutrition. With paleo diet practices, the risk of obesity and other health issues is negligible.

  • Prevention of auto-immune diseases and infections:

Paleo diet can prevent immune diseases and infections like multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus and other auto-immune conditions that can greatly affect the quality of life.

  • Maintenance of digestive processes:

Because paleo diet is totally unprocessed, the risk of constipation, metabolic issues or digestive ailments is negligible. You may never feel full or bloated after meals.

  • Paleo diet is preventive against neuro-degenerative diseases:

Paleo diet is known to protect against neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and age related dementia problems. The primary cause of most degenerative diseases is the alteration in blood supply to brain due to clogging of blood vessels. However, paleo diet is low in cholesterol and delays the development of age related thickening of blood vessels.

Disadvantages of paleo diet:

  • A lot of potentially healthy nutrients like Vitamin D and Calcium (richly supplied in dairy products) that are known to prevent diseases like osteoporosis, fractures and other bone issues are not a part of Paleo diet.
  • As a rule, paleo diet deals with decreasing the consumption of meat to less than 3 times per week. Moreover, since a lot of legumes and beans are also not preferred sources of nutrition according to paleo diet. The chances are fair that the follower of diet may be deprived of a lot of essential proteins that may lead to weakness, loss of muscle mass and may eventually increases the propensity to develop infections.
  • Paleo diet preaches significant intake of salt that is in conflict with the research studies conducted in most parts of the world. Although normal doses of salt are required to maintain metabolic rate and to modulate thyroid functioning but higher doses are directly related to cardiac illness and high blood pressure.
  • Over-cooking destroys most essential nutrients that greatly affect the quality of calories consumed. However, under-cooked, raw or medium rare are known to cause parasitic infestation in consumers that may lead to chronic health issues.

Generally, paleo diet is invariable a better choice with the exception of a few rules depending on environmental and geographical situations.


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