Can You Really Follow the Paleo Diet for Families with Kids

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Paleo diet for families with kids

A Paleo diet for families with kids may be a little challenging for most families today. The reason being the monopoly of paleo diet for families with kidsprocessed and fast-foods that is every kid’s favorite and are so widely available that you need to develop an exceptional strategy to keep your child off it.

Following a Paleo diet is invariably a great source of nutrition for your child as following a paleo lifestyle is more natural, 100% organic and hazard-free that saves your child from common health issues like obesity and weight problems. Moreover, the harmful chemical can also be prevented for gaining access to the metabolic system that may affects overall health and also leads to diseases.

Some tips that may help to introduce paleo diet for families with kids are:

1.      Gluten elimination from diet:

Paleo diet deals with consuming unprocessed nutrients that eliminates all grains and foods that also contains gluten. This will also saves you from looking especially for gluten free diet as almost 6% of all children (and adults) are gluten sensitive. Elimination of gluten-rich grains from the diet of your child’s breakfast may help to prevent developmental issues like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, deficits in intellect or concentration and development of conduct disorders later in life.

2.      Change the concept of snacking:

Major portion of the diet of kids come from the unhealthy snacks that includes cookies, ice-creams, chocolates, bakery items and fried potatoes. All these foods greatly increase the risk of obesity and other dental issues like cavities and acne in kids. It is better to educate your child regarding healthy snacking like seasonal fruits, salad and nuts like almond, cashew, pistachio and other healthy seeds.

Guide them what food to consume when they are out of house and also explain them side by side why are they following Paleo diet.

3.      Educate and train your child schematically:

Instead of forced- restriction of some nutritional choices from the diet of your child, it is better to educate him regarding usefulness of Paleo diet and its impact on overall health and growth. It is always better to go shopping with your child to give him liberty to pick the food and meanwhile you can also guide him regarding healthy food choices.

4.      What should you feed your kids?

Paleo diet for families with kids must contain:

  • Natural sugars from fruits and vegetables (like sweet potatoes, apples, melons, berries and squash).
  • Active and natural sources of Vitamin D and calcium (like green leafy vegetables, apple and banana) because dairy products that are the riches sources of Vitamin D and Calcium are not considered a part of Paleo diet.
  • A lot of sea-foods that are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients that supply energy, proteins and also maintain palatability of food.

Paleo diet for families with kids must abolish the consumption of:

  • Bakery items like cookies and cake
  • Aerated drinks
  • Breakfast items like pasta, pancakes, bread and cereals

The transition may not be easy from traditional unhealthy processed foods to following a more nutritious paleo diet, but consistence, patience and education is the key to incorporate paleo diet for family with kids.

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