Paleo Breakfast: A Healthy Paleo Breakfast Should Contain These Dietary Components

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Paleo Breakfast

A paleo breakfast, just like any other breakfast has got to be the most important meal of the day. There are, however, a lot of misconceptions and confusions regarding a paleo diet that need clear explanation and understanding.

While Breakfast may be considered to be one of the most important meals of your daily diet, it should go without saying that every meal of the day should be designed according to the nutritional needs and demands of the body rather than your mood.

Research studies explain that your body needs different types of nutrients at different times of the day, therefore, individuals who are following the caveman diet or paleo diet for weight loss and control of metabolic issues, may have a lot of misconceptions regarding proportion of dietary components like proteins, carbohydrates and fats in three primary meals of the day.

The Science Behind A Healthy Paleo Breakfast:

Following a paleo diet blindly is an unhealthy approach to weight loss, but knowing the science behind it will help you devise, not only a healthy Paleo breakfast, but will also guide you in creating an overall healthy dietary meal plan.

A healthy paleo breakfast should contain dietary components like:

  • A source of simple carbohydrates; either unsweetened fruit, milk or your choice of beverage like tea or coffee. Consuming simple sugar is required because your body cells are seriously craving for nutrition after an over-night fast. Consuming insufficient amounts of instant sources of sugar fails to give you the energy boost you need from your paleo breakfast.
  • A good source of complex carbohydrates, which can keep you full and suffice until your next meal. This is required because most of the simple sugar that you obtain is rapidly degraded leaving your body devoid of energy in a couple of hours. Having a source of complex carbohydrate helps in releasing energy in stages after time consuming oxidation and assimilation of carbs.
  • A great source of protein that gives your system a healthy start, like eggs or protein shakes.

Some Ideal Paleo Breakfast Options:

Fruits like banana, apple and berries are low in calories, high in nutrients and supply instant energy that keeps you full for some time. Ideal methods to consume fruits includes:

  • Eat raw in the unsweetened form as fruit salad or fruit parfait (in order to get a wholesome supply of probiotics rich yogurt enriched with Vitamin D and Calcium.
  • Make fresh smoothies that contain banana, berries (like paleo breakfaststrawberries) with milk and very little sugar to make a wholesome, nourishing and refreshing breakfast drink that gives you an energy boost during hot summer mornings.
  • Eggs are perhaps the most widely used breakfast all over the world and you can cook it in a number of methods every day to add variety and flavor to your paleo breakfast table. Hard-boiled eggs are not only convenient but are also extremely low in calories.

You can also use a little olive oil with vegetables like onion, tomato and herbs to make an omelet or scrambled eggs. However, choosing a high protein source for your paleo breakfast should always be associated with a source of carbohydrates like brown bread to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients (keeping paleo guidelines in mind).

Another healthy form of paleo breakfast is eating unprocessed cereals like oatmeal in milk that supplies little calories with a huge burst of energy. Adding your favorite fruit like berries is an ideal option, for flavor and nourishment. Experiment with flavors for your paleo breakfast but never experiment with the amount of calories and nutrition when it comes to the first meal of the day.

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