What’s Your Motivation To Lose Weight? Without It You May Not Succeed!

What’s your Motivation To Lose Weight? With weight gain and obesity emerging as the most troubling health issues in the past few decades merely because of the unhealthy nutritional choices and partly due to lifestyle changes incorporated among individuals of all age groups. However, a lot of people still want to lose weight, either to control medical issues or to look good physically. Motivation To Lose Weight

The most common issue encountered with weight loss strategies is lack of motivation to lose weight and non-compliance to the diet regimen. Psychologists believe that choice of foods and nature of calories consumed while losing weight also affects the motivation and it is always recommended to consult a healthcare provider before starting any diet regimen. A few causes that hinder the motivation to lose weight include:

Unhealthy strategy:

A successful diet strategy should follow basic protocols like:

  • Determination of recommended body weight by using body-mass index calculators and calorie calculators. This is the primary step in keeping your motivation to lose weight and in maintaining healthy weight loss.
  • Always make sure that the key of losing weight is not to decrease your food intake, but to increase your base metabolic rate.
  • Allocate some time for work-out or physical activity.

Improperly devised diet plans:

A lot if not most of the people who attempt to lose weight fail to stick to a weight loss strategy because of unhealthy and unbalanced diet charts that are not only aggressive but are also unbalanced. This is because inappropriate or insufficient calorie consumption or large infrequent portions of meals keep you hungry inbetween the meals and you tend to crave for unhealthy snacks. Moreover, a lot of people tend to drop their diet plans before achieving their desired results because of low energy levels which tend to interfere with daily activities and professional responsibilities.

How to maintain your motivation to lose weight?

The Five tips below may help you in losing weight with a healthy approach.

  • Don’t restrict yourself from food; instead limit the intake of unhealthy calories.
  • In order to improve your basal metabolic energy expenditure, take small and frequent portions throughout the day.
  • The most important step in keeping your motivation to lose weight is to be around health conscious people. Living around people who are fond of consuming unhealthy junk food will eventually affect your diet also.
  • Get yourself involved in activities you like. Experts suggest that physical activity that is directed only towards weight loss is neither productive nor healthy; instead indulge yourself in activities that are fun for you. This may be gardening, swimming, yoga or even cycling in a park.
  • Keeping yourself social also helps in improving your motivation levels in an attempt to lose weight.  This is important because, any weight related change will be noticed and appreciated by your friends and peers that help in positive reinforcement. Secondly, you tend to be more physically active and emotionally stable (that decreases crazy cravings characteristic of sedentary aloof lifestyle).

There are a few rules that you must always remember to keep your motivation to lose weight:

  • The most common reason why most people give into their cravings is lack of patience. Experts and psychologists suggest that if you can control your craving for just 10 to 15 minutes, you will most likely forget the unhealthy snack or junk food you are craving for.
  • Keep yourself busy and indulge in activities as people who tend to stay idle normally consume more junk food.

Lastly, keep track of your weight changes and it is best if you can be a part of an online or real-life weight loss community to exchange ideas, get motivated and most of all get feedback regarding your progress.