6 Tips To Following a Paleo Diet on a Budget

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Paleo diet on a budget

Paleo diet is perhaps the healthiest form of nutrition that was consumed by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. At that time, probably consuming natural and organic foods made more sense as no other options were available. However, after all the development, today people are reverting back to a Paleo diet for a number of reasons:Paleo diet on a budget

  • Our ancestors were much healthier and had a longer survival than most of us today. This is primarily because the cavemen diet comprised of totally organic and natural ingredients free from chemicals and preservatives.
  • Individuals who consume are less likely to suffer from chronic medical health issues. Moreover, paleo diet keeps you more physically and mentally fit and active.

Trying to follow a paleo diet on a budget is a little more tricky than following most other diets today because:

Organic or grass-fed beef or meat is more expensive than commercial meat that is grown in farms and factories under the influence of drugs, artificial chemical and hormones that boost the growth of animal artificially. Similarly free range poultry and farm-raised chickens are more expensive than a processed and refined pasta or cereals.

Some tips for maintaining a Paleo diet on a budget:

Following the following tips may help you in order to stick to your paleo diet, while still on budget.

1. Bulk shopping:

Always choose a wholesale market for grocery shopping and buy commodities in bulk. This obviously does not include fish products or vegetables and fruits. Food commodities that can be bought in bulk are:

  • Olive oil, for which you can buy a gallon each time.
  • Meat and meat products (if you buy in bulk, you will get different cuts and types that will give variety to your meals. You will also be able to see the environment and sanitation of the farm and how animals are kept there.
  • Bird (like chicken, duck) but the rule is to cook the full bird at a time, without freezing as it will kill the aim of consuming Paleo diet.

2.Visiting a farmer’s market:

For fresh fruits and vegetables, go to local farmer’s market. You will not only get more fresh fruits and vegetables but also at much cheaper rates than most grocery stores.

3.Plantation in your own yard:

You can also maintain your own little farm by growing seasonal vegetables and fruits in your yard. You can always get the seeds from local nursery and enjoy fresh and totally organic, budget friendly paleo diet from your own yard.

4.Home-made dressing:

Commercial dressings are normally avoided by most consumers of paleo diet due to unhealthy unsaturated fatty acids. However, to improve the palatability of your meals, you can prepare mouth-watering dressings at home using organic lemon juice, vinegar, yogurt, balsamic vinegar, egg whites and your favorite herbs.

5.Hunting and Fishing:

This tip may not help a lot of you, but since most people are fond of fishing and hunting, you can always use your hobby for cutting the cost of your paleo diet. You will get fresh and 100% organic (mother Nature maintained, absolutely free meals).

6.Buy in-season and on-sale foods:

Stay up to date with ongoing sales in your area and fully utilize the sales and price- cuts. Similarly, in season vegetables and fruits are always cheaper and healthier than off-season fruits.

I hope following these six simple tips will help you to achieve all the health and nutritional benefits of Paleo diet on a budget friendly basis.

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